Cake Care

Now that you've received your cake, or when you do receive your cake, the next step is to safely get it to your event! There have been a few occasions where customers haven't carefully thought this through and have come back to me and asked if I can fix their cake because they've driven around a corner too quickly or they haven't secured their cake box in their car. Thankfully, on these occasions I have been available to touch up their cakes, however, this is not always possible! SO, to make sure you don't ever end up in this situation, here are a few guidelines to keep your cakes safe.​ 

  1. Bring someone with you! There is nothing more entertaining than having a pal to ride with and even more so when you have cake! As your passenger, they can have the cake sitting on their lap. Stress eliminated. 

  2. If you are picking up your cake by yourself, don't stress. I'm always here to help. I recommend having the cake sitting flat in your car and the best place for this is the floor on the front passengers side, or in the boot. 

  3. Secure your cake so it doesn't slide around! A towel, a blanket, a sweater, anything along those lines will work. If you don't have any of these lying around, I can provide you with a non-slip mat. Just don't forget to ask :)


  5. Don't leave the cake in your car for longer than 2 minutes! Cars warm up fast and we don't want that cake to melt!

  6. Keep the cake refrigerated for as long as possible before your event - especially if it is made with buttercream. Buttercream cakes are very VERY delicate. 

  7. Avoid direct sunlight or heat.

  8. Cakes are best eaten at room temperature so they may be taken out of refrigeration 30-60 minutes before serving or just before putting on display.

  9. Once cut, store any leftovers in the fridge, covered.

  10. Cakes will usually last up to a week if stored correctly.

  11. ENJOY!