During my time at university, there was always one question that people asked and I was unsure how to answer. 'What do you want to do when you graduate?' I was studying a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) at the time but I didn't know where I wanted to go next. I had a huge passion for food, cooking, fitness and health, kombucha, green juices, turmeric lattes, raw vegan sweet treats, bliss balls... you name it, I've made it! I really wanted to share my passion with others, and help others with their understanding of nutrition (still do!) but I had no idea how to do this as I didn't want to be a personal trainer and I couldn't see myself in a clinic with a 9-5 desk job. 

I had been baking in my spare time throughout uni life and I loved creating new styles of cake every now and then for my friends and family birthdays. I had a part time job at a cafe (where I learned so much!) but the long hours really got to me and I couldn't see myself working in that environment for much longer. So, I did all my new business admin and I applied for a new job at a new whole-food kitchen (more hands on / less customer interaction, which is exactly what I wanted) and I got it! I learned how to make all kinds of healthy (unrefined) raw treats, salads, meats, gluten free cakes, smoothies, a health nuts dream!

A year into this new job, I finally graduated and got my degree! At this point my cake business had grown 10 fold (think 10-12 cakes per week, working part time AND studying at uni, I was glad to see the end of it) BUT there was no way I was letting go of my creative baking outlet. Through the power of social media and word of mouth, I was getting busier and busier so I decided to put further studies on hold (for now or forever!) and let the rest be history. 

To this day, I am still working in the same job and have found a routine where I bake and create around my work hours. When weddings and big events come up, my amazing bosses allow me to be a little more flexible with my hours which is literally the icing on the cake! I still love to embrace my inner Gordon Ramsay when I have the time and I have come to terms with the fact that I can still help people with their understanding of nutrition without it having to be my job. 

I am absolutely grateful for everything that has lead me here today, and I almost feel like the stars have aligned for me, as all of this has happened so quickly. But I don't know where I'd rather be!

Kristen x